Advanced decisions of care and Lasting power of attorney

Contributors: Dr Janice Mackenzie – Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and the Lead for Clinical Neuropsychology in Manchester for Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust.  Janice is also a lead for mental capacity on the Intermediate Neuro-rehabilitation Unit, Trafford General Hospital.

 Deborah Slater – Neuro Rehabilitation Case Manager for NHSE/I Specialised Commissioners. Debbie is an adult registered nurse and worked clinically at Trafford Intermediate Rehabilitation Unit for over 8 years as Neuro Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse.

Aims of the Session:

  • Understand what a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is and the different types
  • Know how to assess someone’s mental capacity to make or revoke an LPA
  • Understand the differences between an LPA, appointeeship and deputyship
  • Understand what an Advance Decision is and what it means in practice
  • Know who can make an Advance Decision and what it looks like
  • Understand what an Advance Decision can be used for and if an Advance Decision can be used to refuse life sustaining treatment
  • Understand what an Advance Decision cannot be use for
  • The interactions between Advance Decision, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and a Court Appointed Deputy
  • Understand what is an Advance Statement

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15th April 2021

15:00pm - 16:00pm

MS Teams Event

Task & Finish Group

Training & Education

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