AHP Job Planning

NHS improvement have produced a useful guide to support AHPs in their understanding of what a job plan is, what job planning is used for, how to do it and what the benefits are. Please see the guidance here: NHS Improvement Job Planning Guidance .

Please find the job plan template here: Blank job plan template. The following attachment is an example that has been used for therapy assistants but the template can be used for any AHP: Therapy assistant job plan example

A Job Plan Audit Tool helps you to identify your target contacts and allows for variances to the expected target. Please see the following attachment for further information and an example of how clinical and non-clinical time is represented: Therapy assistant job plan audit tool example

The Ratio document gives the ratio to calculate for the different grades. This is based on the national productivity ratios: Ratio Direct

With thanks to Ashleigh Knowles and the HMR Community Neuro Rehabilitation Service for their contributions to this resources and sharing their examples.