Community Best Practice Event 2016

We recently held our Community Best Practice Event on the 19th May 2016 for community neuro- and stroke rehabilitation clinicians and had a fantastic turnout of around 50 people. Some of the community groups which attended expressed an interest in giving a short presentation to share their experiences and delivery of community care.  The presentations from each team were received with appreciation by all those who attended and generated lots of interest and questions. In all, this turned out to be a great day which allowed community teams to come together, meet one another, share best practice and establish future connections after a successful networking event.

During the event the group expressed their best wishes for a happy retirement to our much appreciated colleague, Julie Rigby. Julie was presented with flowers a card and gift on the day by Dr Fayez Morcos and Zoe Coombe from the Neuro Rehab ODN and has now since retired from her post.

Here are just  a few images taken from the day.

Image 2 Group

Just a few who attended for the event.


Julie Rigby (Centre) with Zoe Coombe and Dr Fayez Morcos.


Presentation on the day.


Presentation on the day

Presentation on the day

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