GMNRODN Assistive Communicative Equipment (ACE) Workshop – 1st February 2019, 9:30am-11:30am

The Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehab Network will be holding an Assistive Communicative Equipment Workshop on the 1st February 2019.

This training is open to clinicians from Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation and Stroke NHS services.

Speaker: Anna Reeves


  • Explanation about NHS England specialised Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) services including available equipment
  • Eligibility criteria for AAC Services
  • Funding Streams
  • Referral Process including what a good referral looks like
  • Where to go if the person you want to refer does not meet NHSE eligibility
  • Expectations of referrers
  • Responsibility for training of patients and staff
  • How equipment is maintained and ongoing patients reviewed


Registration for this event has now closed. If you would like to join the event, please email thank you.

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