Spasticity: Neuro-Surgical Interventions


Dr Raef Dahab, Dr Fayez Morcos and Anna Rutherford (more…)

Inpatient Community Collaberative Meeting

This is the new date secured and meeting invites have been sent for the MS Teams meeting

Spasticity: Posture & Positioning and Splinting & Orthotics


Susan Bannister, Joanne Ritchie, Amy Boyer, Ellen Upton, Corinne Gallagher (more…)

Supporting capacity assessment and how to involve aphasic patients in best interest decisions


Janice Mackenzie – Jennifer Lee – Mary Salmon (more…)

Weight Management in Neuro Rehab


Sophie Barrett – Highly Specialist Neurosciences and Trauma Dietitian (more…)

Joint NR & Stroke Training & Education Meeting

This is the first joint training & education meeting and invites have been sent!

Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness (PDOC)

Contributors:  Dr Krystyna Walton (more…)

Spasticity: Early Surgical Management of Spasticity


Dr James Bedford – Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Anuj Mishra – Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon