Clinical Tools

Breathing Exercises for patients with Neuromuscular Weakness 


Physiotherapists at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust have created a new leaflet describing respiratory/breathing exercises for patients with neuromuscular weakness. Click here to download the leaflet.

Discharge Planning


Neuro-Rehab Units across GM have being implementing new network standards surrounding discharge planning in order to expedite patient flow and improve patient outcomes. Click here to access the document and see some of the progress that has been made at Ward 3, Trafford.


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Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire


Click here to access the patient satisfaction questionnaire aimed at neuro-rehabilitation patients.



Click here for access to the Greater Manchester Spasticity Proforma and ‘Managing Spasticity’ Leaflet.



Therapy Apps


Click here to access a resource of Therapy Apps developed by the Greater Manchester Community Neuro-Rehabilitation Clinicians . Therapy Apps should be used under the guidance of clinicians.

Please provide feedback on the effectiveness of the Apps via the feedback form, thank you.