Cognitive screens


This resource centre has been designed by OTs, SLTs and Clinical Psychologists from across Greater Manchester to enable cognitive screens and pathways to be shared. Representatives from each of the localities attended a series of meetings, which commenced in August 2019. Together, they have created and added to subsections in cognitive screens/ measures, information leaflets, meeting minutes, research/ evidence & training. Please access this resource here: Cognitive Screens- GMNRODN Google Drive.


We are also extremely grateful to be able to share a further database created by Georgia Dunning, University of Manchester, under the supervision of Dr Alistair Teager, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Dr Ben Dawson, Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology.

This provides information on 100+ neuropsychological tests/cognitive assessments, and self-report measures. This publication details primary purpose, age range of normative data, administration time, whether they have alternate versions, qualification codes required, supervision required, copyright information, and where they can be accessed/purchased from. The list is not exhaustive, but it will be updated on a yearly basis. To access this database please follow this link: Cognitive Tests database then select download full-text PDF.