Driving Advice Health Care Professionals

This information is a driving resource aimed at individuals with a diagnosis of a neurological condition and those involved in their care.

Summary of the UK Guidelines for Health Care Professionals:

The DVLA deals with all aspects of driver licensing when there are medical conditions that impact, or potentially impact, on safe control of a vehicle. There are two types of licence holders with age limits applicable to both:

  • Group 1 – cars and motorcycles
  • Group 2 – large lorries (category C) and buses (category D)

There are also standards for police, fire, ambulance and health service drivers, with licences for taxis being the responsibility of local authorities.

The DVLA provides specific advice for assessment of driving for a number of neurological conditions, including individuals with a Serious Neurological Disorder, Epilepsy, Chronic Neurological Disorders (including Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease), Parkinson’s Disease, Benign Brain Tumours, Malignant Brain Tumours, Traumatic Brain Injuries. For a full list of conditions and their specific guidance click here.

DVLA guidance states that doctors and other healthcare professionals should:

  • advise the individual on the impact of their medical condition for safe driving ability
  • advise the individual on their legal requirement to notify the DVLA of any relevant condition
  • treat, manage and monitor the individual’s condition with ongoing consideration of their fitness to drive
  • notify the DVLA when fitness to drive requires notification but an individual cannot or will not notify the DVLA themselves

The last obligation may pose a challenge to issues of consent and the relationship between patient and healthcare professional and the General Medical Council provide their own guidance.

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