Hospital Neuro-Rehabilitation Services

Where are the Hospital or Inpatient Neuro-Rehabilitation Services?


Hyper-acute Service – Ward C2 at Salford Royal Hospital

This service supports patients who are still dependent on neurosurgical/major trauma access and require rehabilitation.


Acute Service – Ward L1 at Salford Royal Hospital

Patients who remain medically unstable with neuro-rehabilitation needs will access this service and will receive medical, nursing and therapy input. The aim of this service is to get patients who have a neurological condition to a point where they can engage with active rehabilitation and commence that rehabilitation whilst recovering medically.


Intermediate post-acute rehabilitation

Ward 3 at Trafford District General Hospital; Floyd Unit and Devonshire Centre

The aim of these services is to provide intensive rehabilitation to improve function and achieve maximum potential. Whilst people who access this service will be medically stable, their safety in the community would be compromised and hence they will not be suitable for community rehabilitation services.