Individual Funding Request Resource Page

The Individual Funding Requests (IFR) process can be used to apply for clinical care/ treatment that is specialist and sits outside of contractual services already funded by the NHS. For Greater Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), the process to apply for an IFR is through the GM Effective Use of Resource (EUR) Team, details of which can be found on their website.


Note: Requests for neuro rehabilitation slow-stream placements are not available through the IFR process. Please contact who leads the GM Neuro-Rehab Complex Discharge Team for further advice with slow-stream rehab placements.


The treatment that people with neurological conditions or injuries need, can vary significantly, because no two people present with the same difficulties and therefore there may be instances where the treatment required is not commissioned via existing NHS services. In such cases, the treating team may consider it appropriate to apply for the treatment through an individual funding request. By their very nature, IFRs are ‘individual’ and whilst neuro-rehabilitation services do not often apply for IFRs, there are some treatments that are requested more frequently than others.

To support the treating teams with IFR applications, we have collated examples of IFR applications below:

Request for Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

Request for CNRT input

Request for urgent follow up

Where an urgent decision is required in order to avoid harm the CCG Chair of the CCG EUR meeting can make an interim decision if there is a delay until the next meeting.