Introduction to a Single Service for Neuro-Rehabilitation

Neuro-Rehabilitation is one of the services in scope of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership’s Improving Specialist Care programme.

This means the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Trust), Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Stockport NHS Foundation Trust are working together to create a single service for Greater Manchester  inpatient neuro-rehabilitation services.

In March 2019, it was agreed through the Greater Manchester Joint Commissioning Board that Salford Royal would be the single provider of inpatient GM Neuro-Rehabilitation services. This means that some staff working at the other NHS providers across the region will transfer their employment to Salford Royal.

This area has been established to ensure that staff members at all of the organisations involved in the creation of the single service have access to key updates and documents and are aware of their opportunities to become involved in the development of the single service.