Dropped Foot Pathway

Last Updated Nov 2020

BIOS Orthoptic Stroke/Neuro-rehabilitation Driving Pathway

Last Updated Feb 2020

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

GM Neuro-Rehab Network Document Control Log

A single resource containing all the agreed GM Neuro-Rehab Network Policies/ Processes and Standards for GM Community Neuro-Rehab Teams

Last Updated June 2021

GM Wheelchair and Equipment Information

Here you will find the relevant referral forms and eligibility criteria for each GM Wheelchair Service Provider, as well as a database of charities that offer grants for wheelchairs and specialist equipment.

Discharge Planning Standards

The Discharge Planning Standards document has been designed to support consistent working practices across each of the post-acute inpatient Neuro-Rehabilitation services in Greater Manchester. The aim of this document is to provide a reference for staff involved in a patients care. It outlines all matters in relation to the process of patient discharge. Planning discharge effectively is essential to achieving high patient outcomes/experience and ultimately patient flow.

The document is a working document which will be updated in response to agreements/decisions by the Clinical Effectiveness Group. Last Update 30/10/2018

Please use the link below to download the latest copy of the standards and view the ‘Improving the Neuro-Rehabilitation Patient Pathway’ Poster. Last Update 05/10/2017