Neuro-Rehab Staff

In March 2019, it was agreed through the GM Joint Commissioning Board that Salford Royal (part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group) will be the single provider of inpatient GM Neuro-Rehabilitation services. This means that the majority of staff will be employed by Salford Royal and will work to the same pathways, standards and governance structure across GM neuro-rehabilitation services. A single service model will assist with improving staffing levels and create a more sustainable workforce.

Manchester Foundation Trust, Stockport Foundation Trust and the Northern Care Alliance will be consulting with affected staff in due course. The purpose of this is to ensure that staff are fully briefed and that the transfer of employment takes place in accordance with the relevant employment law (TUPE) and organisational change policies.  TUPE is designed to ensure that staff retain employment rights as part of this service change. The single service aims to go live in early 2020, following a phased approach.