What is Neuro-Rehabilitation?

Neuro-rehabilitation services:

  • Provide specialist rehabilitation for people with complex needs and a neurological condition
  • Provide multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment in hospital (inpatient) or in the community
  • Assess people to identify rehabilitation needs
  • Develop rehabilitation goals with individuals
  • Provide treatment sessions to suit the needs of individuals
  • Help people to achieve their maximum potential
  • Support people to access other services when specialist neuro-rehabilitation is no longer needed

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Where are the Neuro-Rehabilitation Services in Greater Manchester?

In Greater Manchester there are hospital neuro-rehabilitation services and community neuro-rehabilitation services. To find out more about each, click of the links above.

Neuro-Rehabilitation Services Leaflet


A leaflet providing an overview of Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation Services. Click here for access to the resource.