Patients & Families

Would you like to help influence and improve Neuro-Rehabilitation Services?


We are seeking patients and/or carers to join our Neuro-Rehabilitation Patient and Carer Network. The group meets every 3 months and is a forum to share your experiences to improve NHS neuro-rehabilitation services in Greater Manchester.

Want to join? Please contact for further information or call us on 0161 2062109.


Share your experience

We want to hear about your experiences of the Greater Manchester neuro-rehabilitation services, whether it’s good or bad, please come and talk to us so that we can improve services.


Please contact us on so that we can arrange to meet, or call us on 0161 2062109.



Would you like to hear more about the work of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Network? Check out the news section of the website and follow us on Twitter @GMNeuroRehabODN 



Would you like to know more about neuro-rehabilitation services in Greater Manchester? Such as, what the services can provide and where the services are? Click here to find out more.


Driving Advice


Click here to access a driving resource aimed at individuals with a diagnosis of a neurological condition and those involved in their care

Information to Support People with Neurological Conditions or Neurological Injuries


We have developed information to support people with neurological conditions or brain injuries. If you would like know more about the topics below, please click here:

  • Areas of the Brain and their Function
  • Alcohol and Drug Misuse following a brain injury
  • Positive ways to manage Challenging Behaviour
  • How to help with Cognitive Recovery
  • Support people with Low Mood or Anxiety
  • Help with Pressure Management in the chair or bed

Condition Specific Information


For information on common neurological conditions click here.

Voluntary Services Directory


The Voluntary Services Directory provides information about services available in the Greater Manchester Area. These services are generally provided by the voluntary sector or local authorities and augment, complement or follow on from care provided by the NHS.


Welfare Rights 


Click here to be directed to a resource on Welfare Benefits and Grants. The information is relevant to individuals who are ill, injured or disabled and also those who have a carer role.

Click here for access to a free and easy-to-use Benefits Calculator.