Continuing Healthcare

We have been working with NHS England and local Continuing Healthcare leads to develop a standardised National Nursing Needs Assessment document and a Greater Manchester Consent Form. 

Wheelchair Provision

We have developed a resource for clinicians which includes the eligibility criteria and referral forms for each Greater Manchester Wheelchair Provider and a list of potential charities that offer grants for wheelchair and specialist seating/equipment.

Patient Facing Information

We are currently working on developing our patient information material across Greater Manchester.

Vocational Rehabilitation

We are currently working with the stroke operational delivery network and voluntary organisations to develop a model for providing vocational rehabilitation for the people of Greater Manchester.

Discharge Planning

A number of activities are underway to improve discharge planning. Click ‘Discharge Planning’ above to find out more.

Service Review

Work is ongoing to improve and transform the Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation Service. Decision making bodies will consider, in early 2018, the proposals to transform the service.

Community Services

We have worked with GM commissioners and clinicians to develop a model for standardised community neuro-rehabilitation services for the people of Greater Manchester. Currently, community neuro-rehabilitation services across GM vary from area to area and our aim is to eliminate this variation so that people have access to the same services in every part of the region. We continue to […]


Involving Patients and Carers

Involving individuals who have experience of neuro-rehabilitation services is key to the development and delivery of the Network. Click ‘Involving Patients and Carers’ above to find out more.