Spasticity: Early Surgical Management of Spasticity


Dr James Bedford – Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Anuj Mishra – Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon

Aims of the session:

  • Describe the surgical pathology in spasticity of the upper limb (spasticity, dystonia, contracture)
  • Describe the basis on which spasticity is classified / graded by surgeons
  • Describe the process of assessment & decision making in the spasticity surgery MDT
  • Describe the surgical options available to patients with spasticity, including:
    • Surgery for hygiene and cosmesis
    • Surgery for function
    • Single-event multi-level surgery
    • Post-operative therapy
    • Expectations from treatment, and outcome measurement


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18th May 2021

13:00pm - 14:00pm

MS Teams Online

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