Spasticity Pathophysiology & Ax Webinar – *Cancelled & Postponed*

This event is being postponed and will be

re booked at a later date!

Summary: This webinar presents a deeper look into Spasticity Pathophysiology and Clinical Assessment in neuro and stroke rehabilitation. 

Audience: AHPs, Medics and Nursing staff working with patients presenting with spasticity. 


Ashleigh Knowles – Clinical Lead Physiotherapist in Community Neuro-Rehabilitation, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Community Neuro-Rehab Team

Dr Fayez Morcos – Consultant in Neuro-Rehabilitation, Floyd Intermediate Neuro-Rehab Unit, Rochdale

Please use the form below to register yourself for the event and registrations will close on the 28th January.

*Please note, only NHS email addresses will be accepted for this event so please ensure you do not register with a personal address*

Disclaimer: The Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation Network assumes no responsibility with regard to the correctness, accuracy, timeliness, applicability or completeness of the information contained within the webinar training.

29th January 2021


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