Spasticity: Posture & Positioning and Splinting & Orthotics


Susan Bannister, Joanne Ritchie, Amy Boyer, Ellen Upton, Corinne Gallagher


  • Understanding the impact of posture and positioning on spasticity presentation and management
  • Using the spasticity proforma to aid decision making
  • The importance of an MDT approach to the holistic management of spasticity
  • Review of therapy interventions – first line spasticity management and beyond.
  • Postural management systems
  • To have an understanding of different types of splints (resting, dynamic etc) and materials used
  • To understand why to splint and when potentially not to splint
  • Contraindications and precautions to splinting
  • Brief overview of orthotics used with spasticity management
  • Links between splinting and postural management

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08th July 2021

14:00pm - 15:30pm

MS Teams Event

Task & Finish Group

Training & Education

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