Inpatient & Community Neuro-Rehab Workshop

The workshop is open to anyone working within the Greater Manchester NHS Neuro-Rehabilitation inpatient or community services. The aim of the workshop will be to build on the successful collaboration between inpatient and community neuro-rehabilitation services.



Wheelchair Provision

We have developed a resource for clinicians which includes the eligibility criteria and referral forms for each Greater Manchester Wheelchair Provider and a list of potential charities that offer grants for wheelchair and specialist seating/equipment. (more…)

Developing Performance Measures

Performance measures are used to measure the effectiveness of an organisation or service. It is important that we measure the neuro-rehabilitation services in the region to help us to understand where we can make improvements.


We have  developed set of measures for community neuro-rehabilitation services to help to benchmark the whole of Greater Manchester.


Community neuro-rehabilitation services began collecting data against the performance measures in June 2017.

Peer Review

The Clinical Effectiveness Group has planned a programme of peer review of our neuro-rehabilitation inpatient services. A multi-disciplinary peer review panel will visit neuro-rehabilitation services in September and October 2016 to review the services against an agreed set of measures and standards.

Discharge Planning

A number of activities are underway to improve discharge planning:

1) The development of best practice discharge planning standards, which can be found here in the log-in area of  the website.

2) The development of a model for social services input into the neuro-rehabilitation inpatient services

3) The development of a pathway to support clinicians with the continuing healthcare (CHC) and Individual Funding Request (IFR) process across GM

4) With CHC leads, developing standardised paperwork for GM e.g. consent form, assessments etc..

5) The development of standards for setting and reviewing goals