Joint NR & Stroke Training & Education Meeting

This is the first joint training & education meeting and invites have been sent!

Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness (PDOC)

Contributors:  Dr Krystyna Walton (more…)

Spasticity: Early Surgical Management of Spasticity


Dr James Bedford – Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Anuj Mishra – Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon


Spasticity: Pharmacology including Botulinum Toxin and The Role of the Non-Medical Injector


Bhaskar Basu, Harriet Allen, Lindsay Sudell (more…)

Advanced decisions of care and Lasting power of attorney

Contributors: Dr Janice Mackenzie – Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and the Lead for Clinical Neuropsychology in Manchester for Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust.  Janice is also a lead for mental capacity on the Intermediate Neuro-rehabilitation Unit, Trafford General Hospital.

 Deborah Slater – Neuro Rehabilitation Case Manager for NHSE/I Specialised Commissioners. Debbie is an adult registered nurse and worked clinically at Trafford Intermediate Rehabilitation Unit for over 8 years as Neuro Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse.


Introduction to Facial Palsy and Services in Manchester Webinar

Agenda: (more…)

Training & Education Meeting

MS Teams meeting and invites have been sent

Training & Education Meeting – Cancelled

MS Teams cancellation has been sent