Training & Education Programme

Training & Education Webinar Series 2021

Our face to face events have been cancelled until further notice with shorter webinar masterclasses delivered via MS Teams. Training is usually aimed at staff working in both community and inpatient settings, and is generally applicable to a range of professions including medical staff.

All live webinar events are open to NHS colleagues who register via the links below.  The events are also recorded and accessible to those who register but may be unable to attend the live session. Contact for details.

We have a range of e-learning packages for professionals that can be accessed from the training menu if registered on our website and logged in.

Schedule 2021

Hyperlinked events are open for bookings.

The programme below has been paused due to pandemic pressures and is likely to resume in March at the earliest.

  • Spasticity: Pathophysiology and Clinical Assessment
  • Introduction to Facial Palsy and Services in Manchester Webinar – 15th March, 1:00 – 3:00pm
  • PDOC Guidelines – 5th May (timings to be confirmed and bookings will be opened)
  • Spasticity: Early Surgical management – 18th May (timings to be confirmed and bookings will be opened)
  • Clinically Assisted Hydration & Nutrition Guidelines
  • Spasticity: Posture & positioning plus Splinting & Orthotics
  • Advanced Decisions of Care and Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Spasticity: Pharmacology and the Role of the Non-Medical Injector
  • Supporting Capacity Assessment and Aphasic Patients
  • Spasticity: Neuro Surgical Interventions
  • Weight Gain Management: Current evidence-based recommendations for obesity management


Stroke Events

Our sister network – the Greater Manchester Integrated Stroke Delivery Network – also host a range of events which can be found on their webpage here.