Training & Education subgroup

Training and education is vital to delivering a high quality service in order to optimise patient potential and experience of the service.

Training and education is a subgroup of the Clinical Effectiveness Group and is chaired by Dr Bhaskar Basu (Neuro-Rehabilitation Consultant and Clinical Lead at Trafford General Hospital Intermediate Neuro Rehabilitation Unit). The group includes NHS staff from different professional groups, involved with neuro-rehabilitation at different points of the pathway such as acute, post-acute and in the community. The group held its first meeting in May 2016, and meets every 2 months to take forward a plan of work.

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Training Events 2020:

All face to face training sessions have been put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic


Journals and Publications:

Ataxia Guidelines – aid health care professionals in the diagnosis and management of ataxia

British Society of Rehab Medicine – society representing doctors who practice in rehab medicine

British Medical Journal – medical research journal

Centre for International Rehabilitation Research Information & Exchange – wide range of information and resources

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – publications

Cochrane Library – independent evidence to inform health care delivery

ICORD – health research centre focused on spinal cord injury

Medline/Pub Med – national library of medicine

NICE – guidance, advice and information for health care professionals

Peristeen HCP Website – support for patients, staff and online training

RCP Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness Guidelines

RCP Spasticity Guidelines – spasticity in adults: management using botulinum toxin

RCP Stroke Guidelines

Royal College of Nursing – library

Royal College of Occupational Therapists – journals/publications and guidelines

Stroke Engine – information on stroke rehabilitation and different types of intervention



Brain Injury Needs Indicator (BINI) – Brain Injury Needs Indicator Tool

Digital App Library  – Find digital tools to help you manage and improve your health

Glasgow Coma Scale – training and information

Glossary of Neurological Terms – resource of common terminology used with neuro (log in to access)

Headway Brain Injury Leaflets

Motor Neuron Disease Multidisciplinary Team Working Guidance

My Therappy – website for brain injury apps to assist patients and health care professionals

Outcome Measures Database – common rehabilitation tools

Outcome Measures Tools – questionnaires and tools used with neuro-rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Exercises – exercises for individuals with neurological conditions



Brain Tree Training – resources for cognitive rehabilitation

ebrain – elearning supporting training in clinical neurosciences

e-Learning for Healthcare – free NHS elearning for health care professionals

e-learn SCI elearning on the basic principles of spinal cord injury management

Headway – training for professionals in brain injury

Improving Rehabilitation Services – variety of webinars and podcasts

Multiple Sclerosis – events for health professionals

Parkinsons – events and learning for professionals

Parkinson’s UK Excellence Network Learning Hub – training programmes for professionals to improve quality of care

Stroke Training and Awareness Resource (STARS) – elearning resource for those working with stroke patients

Stroke Training and Awareness Resource (STARS) – Advanced Modules


TED Talks:

TED talk – Can the damaged brain repair itself?

TED talk – How does my brain work?

TED talk – 3 clues to understanding your brain

TED talk  A neural portrait of the human mind

TED talk – Growing evidence of brain plasticity