Vision Tips

Claire Howard (Stroke Specialist Orthoptist/ NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow) and Lauren Hepworth (Research Orthoptist) have put together some useful tips to consider for patients with visual problems following a neurological diagnosis.

Reduced Vision

  • Where a patient has two separate pairs of glasses, the pair that magnifies print the most (make images look the largest) are the reading glasses
  • Settings on smartphones/tablets can be changed to aid the visually impaired e.g. increased text size, type from speech, increase contrast

Visual Field Loss

Visual Inattention

  • Use of visual stimulation: objects, relatives on neglecting side, family photos etc.
  • Coloured stickers/vertical line guides of high contrast when reading
  • Visual therapy apps, including games and puzzles
  • Eye Search (
  • BIOS Information leaflet
  • Bed position to ensure visual stimulation on neglecting side

Eye Movement Defects

  • Alleviate double vision using occlusion or eye patch (worn over either eye)

Further Information/Resources

British and Irish Orthoptic Society –  British & Irish Orthoptic Society

BIOS Orthoptic Stroke/Neuro-rehabilitation Driving Pathway


Visual hallucinations: Esme’s Umbrella –

Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI)